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Bali, nestled in the worlds larges archipelago of some 17,000 islands.  Bali, this little bit of paradise, has been attracting western visitors and explorers since the times of Marco Polo around 1300 AD. An island rich in history and culture Bali, in Indonesia, is one of the jewels of South East Asia.  Whether you are interested in an action vacation, full of surfing and clubbing,  a relaxed honeymoon, a shopping trip, or a educational experience Bali has something for everyone.  

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Weather and Maps of Bali Indonesia and Bali cities

 The Latest Satellite picture of Bali Indonesia
The Current Weather in Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia map

Map of Indonesia

bali indonesia map
Map of Bali  
Mileage and Driving Times

About Bali 
 Introduction to Bali 
 The Cast System in Bali Indonesia
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 Pictures of Bali Indonesia
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 Bali Calendar of Events 2001 - 2002
  The Bali Surf Report 
 Lonely Planet Bali - General Overview of Bali 
 Where to Eat  - Bali Restaurant Database
  Bali News  - Headline news of Bali and Indonesia
  Travelogue - Articles Written by Bali Travelers

 Places to stay in Bali
With hundreds of web sites trying to sell you a room it can often be to much to find what you want and need. We have listed some of the sites that carry a wide selection of online bookings here. The criteria that we used for ranking was the hotel selection and the site design, and ease of use to the customer. Please note has no connection with any of these services.
When I first came to Bali I did not know anyone here and knew very little about the Island. As most first time tourist I found myself in Kuta among the bars. Flocks of other tourist lounging all over crowded beaches. Though this may be just what some people want I, being from Hawaii, wanted more.  I wanted culture, rice terraces, animals and the magic that I though was to be found in Bali.  Over the years I have found that Bali does have the Magic I was looking for but I found it in places like Ubud, the art center of Bali, on the white sand beaches of Nusa Dua, the serenity of Beduagul and Kintamani, and the ocean off Sanur and Tulamben.  If you are looking for night life Kuta is the only place that you are going to find it, but if you want to find what makes Bali different from other destinations try checking out some of the places I have grown to love.
Chris Hayashi

Sites representing many different hotels

 Bali Holiday ***
 Bali Hotel (very much like Bali Holiday) ***
  Asia Travel Bali ***
 Bali Holidays ***
  Accommodations Bali ***

Sites representing specific chains and groups

 Alliance Indonesia ***
    INM Guide **
 Grand Mirage

Sites representing private Villas

 Bali Villas $$$$$
  Bali Properties Villas $$$$
  Indo Villas 

Sites representing Individual Hotels 

 Aerowisata Hotel $$$
 Alam Puri Resort
 Bali Intercontinental $$$$
  Bali Spirit Hotel $$ - $$$
 Grand Mirage
 Le Meridien Hotel $$$$
 Nikko Bali $$$ - $$$$
 Nusa Dua Beach Hotel $$$$
 Nusa Lembongan
 Pita Maha $$$
 Santai Bali    
 Tauch Terminal
The Grand Bali Beach $$$ - $$$$
  Ubud Inn
Ubud Sari

Miscellaneous Activities in Bali

   Bali Weddings with Santrian
 Surf Java G-land
  Bali Rafting

  Bali Bird Park
 Waterbom Water Park and Spa
 Bali Tropical Safaris
 Bali Fishing

Tour Organizers and Agents

   Tunjung Tours ***
 Bali Journeys *** Small Tour operator
  Laughing Duck Yoga Tours

 Bali Adventure Tours
  Bali Easy Rider Tours

Golf Courses and Country Clubs
Bali Golf and Country Club

Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club

Golf Bali
  Online booking for all Bali Courses
Grand Bali Beach  (9 hole) 

Nirwana Bali Golf Club


SCUBA Dive Operators on Bali 

 Bali SCUBA diving directory 
 Bali SCUBA diving agency
  Dive Bali
  Aquamarine Diving Bali

Gani Dive Bali
  Bali Diving

Cruises and Sailing Tour Companies

  Sea trek Sailing Tours
  Bali Cruise

  Bali Hai Cruises
  Wakalouka Sail 

National Consulates in Bali

United States of America
Phone: 233605
Emergency: 234139 ext 3575
Fax: 222426
Address: Jl Hayam Wuruk 188, Renon Denpasar 80235 Bali

Phone: 235092
Emergency: 235093 ext 3311
Fax: 231990
Website: Australia
Address: Jl Mochammad Yamin 4 Renon Denpasar 80235 Bali

Fax: 285485
Address: Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur

Phone: 288535
Fax: 288826
Address: Jl. Pantai Karang 17 Sanur

Phone: 751517
Emergency: 753174
Fax: 752777
Address: Jl Raya Kuta 599, Kuta

Phone: 751735
Fax: 754457
Address: Jl Werkudara Legian Kaja

Finland and Sweden
Phone: 288407
Fax: 287242
Address: Segara Village Hotel  Jl Segara Sanur

Phone: 701650
Lotus Asia Tour Jl By Pass Ngra Rai Jimbaran

Phone: 227728
Fax: 231308
Address: Jl Prof. Moh. Yamin No 9 Renon

Phone: 223552
Fax: 231740
Address: Astina Tours Jl Prof. Moh Yamin 1A

Phone: 975736
Fax: 975726
Address: Jl R Sanggingan Ubud

Places of Interest
For the average Bali visitor time is a factor so picking what you have time to do and see is critical.  For those of you that can not stay for years you may want to try to see the points of interest listed here.
Sukawati Morning Market - If you are interested in Bali arts and Handicrafts this morning market is a must.
Besakih temple - Located on the sloped of Mount Agung Besakih is the mother temple of Bali
Uluwatu temple - Perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean.
Botanical gardens in Bedugul - Home to one of the largest botanical collections in South East Asia
Jimbaran seafood dinner on the beach - A fire grilled dinner on the beach at sunset.. Need I say more.
Tanah Lot - One of Bali's most picturesque locations
Ubud - The center of art in Bali

What to See and Do

Location and Climate
Located east of the island of Java 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali is a tropical island that has a relatively hot climate. Temperatures rage from a high of 90 degrees F (33 C) to a low of 67 degrees F (20 C) on the island with slight variation from winter to summer.  The greatest difference between winter and summer in Bali is the rainfall with April through September  being the dry months and October though March being the rainy months.  If you are looking for the best months for a visit to Bali you may want to consider August and September; these are months where the weather is usually clear and the heat to a minimum.
Get the current Bali weather forecast   
See the latest satellite picture of South Ease Asia 

If you like the ocean
- Being an island Bali receives large swells from the Indian ocean and smaller swells from the Java Sea. Though there are many surfing locations on the island the most popular are located on the Southern coast, which faces the Indian ocean. Names like Uluwatu and Nusa Dua are world renown  for their perfect barrels and world class sunsets.  If you have the time to travel to Java you may want to check out G-Land this epic spot is know through out the world for its perfect waves.
Bali Surf Report

Diving - With more islands than you could ever visit and home to the greatest collection of reefs in the world Indonesia is a divers paradise.  Some great diving can be found off Bali's coast like Amed, Pulau Menjangan, and Sanur just to name a few.  Diving is very popular with Bali tourist and expatriates, and there are literally hundreds of dive shops and tour operators running just about any tour and dive trip that you could imagine.
See what Dive operations in Bali have web sites

Beaches - Being an island Bali is surrounded by beaches, some nice and some not so nice.  The best beaches on the island are found on the southern  coast, locations such as Nusa Dua, Sanur, Seminyak, Kuta and Amed. Athough a person looking for a more secluded beach can check some of the more hidden spots around Chandidasa.  Though the beach in the actual village of Chandidasa has been worn away ,but sea beaches toward Amlapura are hidden jewels.

Sailing and yacht tours - There are numerous companies that run all types of trips around Bali and the Islands that surround Bali on all types of vessels large and small.
See what tour operators have web sites

If you like the Mountains where it is cool
G Agung - Home to Bali's mother temple Mount Agung is the most famous mountain in Bali.  
Batur - Whether you want to get up at 4am and climb to the top of a volcano or sleep in a listen to the birds this is one of Bali's treasures.  Kintamani located adjacent to Batur has a few small hotels and restaurants, but be prepared at night there is nothing to do but relax.  Located in the area is also a hot water spring.
Bedugul - Like Kintamani Bedugul is a place to relax with the additional bonus of more restaurants and lake activities like boating and jet skiing.

Though most Balinese speak Balinese and Indonesian it is easier for the average visitor to learn only Indonesian.  In Balinese there are three different languages one for each cast.  When two Balinese people converse for the first time they will start in the language used by the highest cast and then after learning which cast the parties are from the communication will change to the needed language.  If a person addresses a high cast member in a low cast language it is seen as a form of disrespect. For this reason it is best for visitors to use Indonesian instead of Balinese.
Indonesian is a relatively simple language to learn and a little vocabulary will take you a long way. Listed here is a dictionary that you are free to print that lists a few hundred helpful words and phrases.   GO TO DICTIONARY

Driving in Bali
If you plan on driving in Bali it is suggested that you have travelers insurance and a international drivers license.  If you do not have a international drivers license it is best for your to purchase a temporary Bali license for either a car or a motor bike.  Temporary Licenses may be obtained at the Denpasar police office at Renon Denpasar for a price of approximately 150,000 Rupiah for a one month license.  If you are stopped by a police officer in Bali and you have no license  you will more than likely have to pay a fine on the spot before you are able to go on with your journey.  Also when renting cars or motorcycles make sure that the renter gives you the license which is in the form of a plastic coated paper.  If you are pulled over by a Bali Police officer he will ask for your drivers license as well as the license for the vehicle.  Fuel for cars and motorbikes can be obtained from the government stations in Bali run by Pertamina.  Fuel is either called Benson (petroleum, gas) or solar for diesel.  If you are not able to find a Pertamina station you may also purchase fuel from venders on the road side that sell pre-portioned bottles of fuel.  It is best not to buy from these vendors unless you must because it is a common practice to mix water or other liquids with the fuel to make more money.  

I need to post a message in a Bali News Paper or Tour Magazine
In case you need to post a newspaper add in Bali your best option for the English language would be the Bali Advertiser.  This paper comes out every 3 weeks and is read by may tourist and expatriates on the island.  Most ads regarding personal matters like vacation rental needs are printed for free and they also do all types of advertising for a minimal charge.  You may contact the Bali Advertiser by mailing them at P.O. Box 3562 Denpasar Bali Indonesia or by email at

If you require a larger English Speaking audience you may want to contact the Ina-Tony - Ian at Jakarta Post 62-021-2601555 ext 1270 or Fax 62-021-260112

There are a few different Tour Magazine and booklet publishers in Bali that produce your average tourist publications:

Visitors' Guide to Bali  by. PT Media 
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 178, Denpasar 80235 Bali
Phone: 62-361-244611
Fax: 62-361-236979

Bali Tribune Magazine  by. PT Bali Tribune Multimedia
2nd Floor Travindo Building
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Tuban Kuta, Bali 80361
Phone: 62-361-764542
Fax: 62-361-764543 

Things you may want to bring on vacation to Bali
Insect repellant - Mosquitoes are very prevalent in Bali
Books that you want to read - Although western books and magazines are available in Bali, prices are usually high and selection slim.
Medication - Most medications that are sold in the west are available in Bali but the quality is often sub- standard.
Sunblock - Unless you know where to shop it is advisable that you bring some sun screen with you because convenience stores have special high prices for visitors.
Power converter - If you are planning on using small appliances, for example, hair dryer, be sure you have all the necessary power converters; the current that is used in Bali is 50Hz at 220 volts.

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If you have a website that you feel should be listed on this page please use this link to go to our listing form. All listings are done for free and are listed according  to their quality and reliability.  We do accept bribes in the form of cash, trips, hotel rooms, travel credits, and or fruit but they will not affect the way your page is listed. 

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